Tips and Tricks in Facing Scholarship Interview | Winning Scholarship Series

Tips and Tricks in Facing Scholarship Interview | Winning Scholarship Series


  1. Before facing the interview you have to prepare list of scholarship questions and answers. Consider all of the answers to be the best one word per word, including questions that seem trivial, attention to detail is very important. I prepared the entire interview question for at least 2 weeks, plus considering various additional inputs from your personal reviewer and revisions. Please, really have somebody to review your answer.
  2. The thing that really helped me before facing an interview was to meet my friend who was a fellow participant at the time, we made our question and answer session, so it was like an interview too. From there, I can hear other people’s answers, and can position myself to think as if I am an interviewer myself. So I got a lot of loopholes from my friends’ answers that I felt were lacking, and at the same time I fixed my answers. This interview simulation was surprisingly very helpful.
  3. Try to record your interview exercise with the webcam, then rewind it back, and see if your eye contact is focused, and have you answered all question perfectly? If not, continue to practice and practice until you make it perfect
  4. The most appropriate answer in answering interview questions duration of about 30 seconds to 2 minutes, do not do more than that and not also less than that. Answering less than 30 seconds, will show that you are not thinking through questions and answers carefully, and you will be seen in a hurry; while answering more than 2 minutes shows you are rambling.
  5. Basically, scholarship interviews are almost similar to job interviews, therefore try to look professional and answer the interview questions professionally.
  6. Do not forget to bring the complete scholarship document. All the document that will be given to the interviewer must have been neatly arranged, and the Letter of acceptance you have got should be placed on the top.
  7. One last tip that may be useful for, but this cannot be applied to everyone. There are some people who look after looks clean, so formal, and smart, or have a very strong character, who can sometimes be categorized as quite intimidating to others, or misconceived as over confident or even arrogant. Because in an interview appearance is everything, if you have an appearance like I mentioned above, than the interviewer might misjudges you, even though you are actually a noble person. Therefore, come with a different appearance, which is simple appearance and humble. If being a humble is also not suitable for you or difficult to draw on your face, maybe you can try to be a geek. I have tried that, I represented myself as a geek that time. To make that natural, sometimes to look plain you should try to ‘open your mouth’ a little.


For the perfect attire for facing interview you can look below:

a. for Women Looks



b. For Men Looks



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