What do Reviewers Asses in Scholarship or Job Interview and Do – Don’t in Interview | Winning Scholarship Series


What do Reviewers Asses in Scholarship or Job Interview and Do – Don’t in Interview | Winning Scholarship Series


There are some indicators that reviewers used in assessing Scholarship or Job interviews, other than Skills and knowledge the interviewees have. And here below are list of those indicators:

  1. Justification/ argumentation in answering question
  2. Physical Appearance
  3. Voice Tone
  4. Word choices in answering questions
  5. Confidence
  6. Initiatives
  7. Wisdom
  8. Responsiveness and responsibility
  9. Face expression
  10. Ability to communicate
  11. Attitude toward work and scholarship
  12. Sense of humor

All of those indicators are actually very self-explanatory. Those indicators were made to make sure that beside smart or fit their basic requirement in skills, you are also a person that has ensured them that you are able to fulfil the responsibilities, and will shine through the opportunities they will give to you.


Some DON’T that you really need to avoid:

  • Late
  • Failed to keep eye contact
  • No smile
  • Too nervous
  • Folding arms
  • Looks annoyed by the long wait
  • Coming arbitrary
  • Excessive looking
  • Sit down before being invited
  • Put the bag on the interview table
  • Bend and bow your head
  • Crossed the chin
  • sucking candy while interviewing
  • Opening / starting a job interview
  • Cut off the conversation when interviewed
  • Exaggerate
  • Bragging
  • Criticize yourself
  • Criticize and vilify your current or old boss
  • Provide irrelevant information
  • give an impression that you extremely need the scholarship or job
  • ask stupid or too obvious questions
  • Emotional or easily offended
  • Show impression impatient


What you really need to DO:

  • Come early and on time attending the interview
  • Be confident and optimistic
  • Keep calm
  • wear black or monocrom attire
  • Prepare the certificates, diplomas, and awards
  • Smile fairly, but do not smile continuously
  • Dress up neatly and politely
  • Wait until seated or ask permission to sit
  • Show your ability, but do not overdo it
  • understand each interviewer’s question well
  • Speak clearly and firmly
  • Set the tone of voice appropriately
  • Show your interests and your sincerity in what the interviewer says
  • Be honest
source: blogs.brighton.ac.uk




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