Rules in Making The Best CV | Scholarship Documents Series



Rules in Making The Best CV | Scholarship Documents Series


Everytime you are going to apply for universities’ programs, master or PhD, they usually will ask you to submit your CV or resumes.


What is CV or Resume?

CV is a marketing document! Yes, a marketing document. Which you highlight your selling points, such as skills, qualification, and work experience. However only some highlight that is related to where or what you are applying to; should be mentioned on your CV.


What are the differences between Academic CV and regular CV?

There are a lot of differences. Academic CV is used for applying to research study programs, for instance master by research or PhD. Other than that, do not use academic CV. The length between Academic CV and general CV also different, ideally general CV only 2 pages length, and the longest is 3 pages, while Academic CV could be longer to 4 pages; however, you are not suggested to make it longer than that. The essential differences between Academic CV and General CV lies on its focus. Academic CV is focused on showing your research and teaching skills, which is essential for applying Master by research and PhD.


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Type of CV!

  1. Chronological CV

There two types of this model. Chronological and reverse chronological. Chronological CV mentions every point started from the first one to the most recent one. While reverse chronological model highlights all of your career paths and education started from the most recent (reverse Chronological). You can click here for example.


  1. Skills-based CV

This skills-based cv focus on showing your certain skills, and your overall achievements. This model usually used by people who already graduated for a long time from their last education and already have a long career path. You can click here for example.


Which type of CV is better?

A survey which is done among US employers shows that”

  • 49% prefers reverse chronological type rather than chronological, all of work experiences and assignments mentioned from the very recent one to the oldest one that is related.
  • Only 6% prefers skills-based type
  • 39% prefers the combination model of reverse chronological and skills-based



How is the best CV look like?

This quote describe all “Treat the selector like a child eating a meal. Chop your CV up into easily digestible morsels (bullets, short paragraphs and note form) and give it a clear logical layout, with just the relevant information to make it easy for the selector to read. If you do this, you will have a much greater chance of interview.


Do you have to put picture or not in your CV?

The answer is depend on in which country your CV gonna be used or sent. Here are the answer:

  • UK – Do not put Picture
  • Amerika – Do not put Picture
  • Perancis – put picture
  • Jerman – put picture
  • Belgia – put picture

Why? This is because a picture could be the reason for a candidate to be rejected from the first sight, looking on by the race, sex, age, beauty, religion, etc. moreover if you are going to use the CV for a job hunting. Probably only put your picture, only if you are a famous person like a celebrity, and that is one of your selling point for the job application.


Mistakes in making CV

What are the biggest mistakes that could cause you being rejected?

  • CV with typo 61%
  • CV with copy paste words paste  41%
  • CV with weird email address 35%
  • CV that does not include Skills 30%
  • CV that is longer than 2 pages 22%
  • CV that is printed on paper with some drawing on the background 20%
  • CV that is  mentioning too many assignments than result on working experience part 16%
  • CV that include picture 13%
  • CV that use too big fonts or blocked font 13 %


Important tips

Do not lie on your CV. Why? Read this CV lies could lead to 10 years in jail dan Students threatened with jail for telling ‘white lies’ on CVs



for your insight, you can read some of this source related to CV making.

  • in there it is explain detail what will be assessed on a CV. They also explain how is the format and do and don’t, and also given some additional source for the best CV example.








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