Tips on Writing The Best Motivation Letter A la Kiky Edward | Scholarship Documents Series

Tips on Writing The Best Motivation Letter Possible A la Kiky Edward | Scholarship Document Series


Motivation letter is normally used by universities to assess an applicant motivation and background, in order to be accepted to study in their universities.  Beside your academic capabilities and competency that are stated on your transcript and CV; Motivation Letter also can be the one that determine whether or not you get accepted to your favorite universities.

I believe that motivation letter is one big factor in determining your success in getting accepted to a university, therefore, before applying to universities, I ask somebody competent to proofread my motivation letter.

You might also wondering what are the differences between motivation letter with personal statement. They are actually the same, although some source saying they have a slight difference. And when I was applying to many universities, I did not make any difference of those two term, and consider it the same.


Some of relatable quote about motivation letter that I found it interesting:

“Tell us who you are, what your dreams and motivations are and most importantly, why you think you should be selected to study at the most prestigious business school in the Netherlands! “

“This letter acts as an introduction, telling the admissions board who you are and why you are a good fit for the programme to which you are applying.”

“For many applications, this letter is the only personalised component, so it is important to remember to be detailed, clear and confident.

“For those of us who have sat on such boards before, there are generally three types of letters – those that are remarkable for their strengths, those that get forgotten and those that are remembered for their flaws. In order to make sure you fall into the first category, it is important to focus not only on content but also personal voice.”

(try not to make yourself one of the person who make a motivation letter is too ordinary, and full of grammar errors)


How to write the best motivation letter, tips for you:

  1. Good Appearance

Do not make a motivation without a heading. Just a bunch of words. That could lead to fatality. What I mean as a heading is some space to write your destination university’s name, and to whom this letter is intent to. Remember that when some university admission said “We receive more than 1,500 applications. It’s like jungle warfare!‘ , you know what I mean.


  1. Start strong

Start with a stunning paragraph. I mean, if you notice the opening paragraph on scientific or law magazine, they always start strong. Don’t bore them with another common opening paragraph.


  1. Pay attention on motivation letter structure

Structure is important in any writing as well as for letter writing. Don’t do any long-winded sentences or rewind so many same information. I found these very often when I proofread motivation letter. Separate information you want to include into different paragraph to make it easier. For example:

  • Paragraph 1: write about why do you want to study in your chosen department
  • Paragraph 2: write about why you want to study in that department particularly, competency and linearity of you previous study with the chosen department. Explain what attracted you to this particular master program?. Show you also know very well your choice. For example you interested in the specific subject which is taught by Prof. name.
  • Paragraph 3: highlight your notable academic activities, for instance you participated in many researches, voluntary activities and also mention more about your academic achievement, or internship.
  • Paragraph 5: explain more about you vision, like your preferred career path, and relate it to why you have to study in their university. Tell them about how becoming a graduate from their department and university will influence your career significantly. Draw them clearly your desirable career path and explain them also on which career path you are in the current time.
  • Paragraph 6: you can mention about your hope to be accepted to their program.

Brainstorm your ideas in writing, list all of related information on you notebook, before you write your motivation letter.


  1. Good word choices and no grammar errors

Try not to write with so many complicated words. Try to make your motivation letter to be easily read effortlessly. Also try not to make any grammatical errors, because one simple error can make them think you are an unprofessional and inconsistent person. if you confused about how to fix a grammar, you can always review back your grammar book or you can always have a proofread service.


  1. Explain in detail

In every statement you wrote, should always followed by examples. Do not try to write with so many adjectives, adverbs, or cliché words, for instance: passionate, excited, etc.


  1. Write in personal voice and be honest

To make a perfect motivation letter, try to be honest to yourself and write in your personal voice, not as a third person. Do not work in rush in writing motivation letter, take your time to write-revise-and write.


  1. A clear conclusion

Highlight that you are an ideal candidate and a perfect fit to be accepted to their program and university. Thanks the admission committee for their time and consideration, and you are happy to be contacted if they need further talk with you, for example an interview.


  1. No more than 1,5 page long

Normally motivation letter only written 1 to 1,5 page. For one question you wanna answer, only use one paragraph maximm. And write it with single space. Except the universities has instructed different way in writing motivation letter, for example they want ou to explain your research topuc, hypothesis, and your undergraduate thesis for about 1000-1500 words.

For the final tips, everybody should mark this:

“create a strong and noteworthy introduction for the admissions board”


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