Fluent in English in 14 Days by Self-Taught Learning | IELTS Study Series


Fluent in English in 14 Days by Self-Taught Learning | IELTS Study Series


As I promised, when this website got 100k views. I will write about speaking method that I use. (Update; has reach 800k views.)

This metod will help you to speak English quickly aligned with tenses changing, as with this method all tenses will be stored to your memory. As in the future, you also will have to be able to speak clearly and fluently, in any conversation. And try to use all of those sentences transformation smoothly.


Let’s begin.


  1. Day 1: SIMPLE PRESENT. First, try to understand when and how to use Simple Present (look at Schramper Azar Grammar Book) you might need to purchase this book, as this book has been very useful, and will be useful for forever until English comes to extinction. Every day we learn and memorize 1 tense with 5 form of sentences, therefore, every new day you add one new tense. In memorizing this sentences, please use stopwatch. Calculate how much time you need to recite those tenses. Always challenge yourself to make the new fastest record. (beat my record if you want).

Example: (mp3 how to memorize this can be downloaded here)

1 - Copy.png


  1. Day- 2: PRESENT PROGRESSIVE. Understand where and when to use Present progressive. Memorize this 2nd tenses, just like you did one the first tense. Always turn on your stopwatch, to see how fast you can memorize it. And then after you completely understand the tenses and can recite it smoothly, now try to rewind it by reciting both tense 1 and 2 at once. And calculate how fast you recite it with stopwatch.

Example: (mp3 how to memorize this can be downloaded here)




  1. Day- 3: PRESENT PERFECT. Understand the tenses. Memorize it, just like before. Start reciting it again and calculate your speed in memorizing with stopwatch. Rewind tenses 1-2-3 and again calculate your speed.

Example: (mp3 how to memorize this can be downloaded here)

fix - Copy (3).png



  1. Day- 4: PRESENT PERFECT PROGRESSIVE. Try to understand when to use the tenses. Memorize it all five forms of the tenses. Always calculate your speed. And then rewind tenses 1-2-3-4.

Example: (mp3 how to memorize this can be downloaded here)

fix - Copy.png

5. Day-  5: SIMPLE PAST. ….




7. Day-  7: PAST PERFECT. …




9. Day-  9:  SIMPLE FUTURE. …




11. Day-  11: FUTURE PERFECT. …




13. Day-  13: FUTURE PERFECT. …


14. Day – 14: FUTURE PERFECT PROGRESSIVE. Understand the tenses, when and how to use t. memorize it in all five forms of sentences. And then rewind it all from the first tenses to this sentence. Which there are 14 tenses. See how fast you can go in memorizing it all. While memorizing, don’t ever try to look at your cheat sheet (beat my record all tenses in 55.58 sec). You can download here how I memorized it all.



(save and print this card, for later use for you to review it all at once)


  1. Day- 15. Start to learn proper conversation. It will be easier to be done in pairs. However, if you don’t have any, just pretend that you are talking to you imaginary friends. Establish what theme or topic you wanna talk about. For example: a simple topic about going to clean your house, going to cook, going to airport, or going to market.



Your English level by time will decrease if you don’t really use it. By reviewing it back with this method in 1 minutes, it will help you tracing back all memory and your speed in speaking, therefore you will be fluent.

Why there are only 5 forms o sentences. This is actually the simple forms of sentences that is used daily. For example on sentences that we use question tags “don’t you?” on “you study English, don’t you?”.

After getting fluent on this method, you can start considering using accent you like. For example by following one of your favorite actress/actors’ accent on their dialogue in their movies. Long time ago, when I was learning English, I extremely love Harry Potter, I watched more than 100 times, that makes me able to memorize all dialogues. It really helps me to speak English. The other way, is by loving listening to podcast, I love Tim Harford from BBC and Zainab Badawi.


Beside those all, you can also study english with specific vocabularies, for example medical vocabularies if you going to study in medical school, or engineering vocabularies, or business vocabularies. Maybe the simplest one is starting by learning vocabularies according to places, like in kitchen, bedroom, house, market, beaches, offices and try to integrate those vocabularies to your own conversation.


Here below is the list of book and movies I used in studying english speaking:

  1. Grammar Azar
  2. Simple Story books like Charlotte’s Web and The Wizard of Oz
  3. Harry Potter movies (movie 1, 2 and 3 which I remember most the dialogue)
  4. Cartoon Charlie and Lola (which is very British accent)


I got this english speaking study method when I was in junior high school. At that time, my school arrange a class of 7 with a professional english speaking trainer. In that class, we were not allowed to bring any books or stationary, as we were not allowed to write anything, but we have to remember everything. The cool about this method, you do not really feel you are really studying hard. the result of the class, all students getting very fluent in english. Yes, all of it, no exception. With this method, if I go very dumb at the moment or lazy, my lowest TOEFL Score is 470. it never go lower. and After 10 years, I still remember this method, and just have to review it again if I am going to face english test, as english is rarely used in my country.







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