Recommendation Letter Format for Applying to Universities and Scholarships | Scholarship Document Series

Recommendation Letter Format for Applying to Universities and Scholarships | Scholarship Document Series


This time I would like to write about the format of recommendation letters for university application, as many also question me, what is the format for recommendation letter and what should be the content. Although this letter should be written by referees, such as lecturers or supervisors at work, but we are often asked about the format and should also be aware of the standard format of writing. Because, usually the referees have known our academic records, but they still ask us to write the initial draft, just to make sure that they won’t write wrong titles of your academic activities and records, such as the official name of seminars or competitions that you participated in. which even for yourself, you have to take a note, as the name could be complicated or forgetful. Once you have written a draft of recommendations, usually the reviewers will review the letter carefully and add some of his voices. And then, walla.. your recommendation letter is done in style and quick.

Here’s a good letters recommendation format which actually I used in all of my scholarship applications:

  1. The beginning part
    1. Official University Letter Heading
    2. Name of recommender complete with title
    3. Position of recommendation
    4. Referee’s email address
    5. The phone number of the recommender
    6. Date of mail
    7. the name of the university your are applying to
    8. Greeting
  2. Content
    1. Introduction
    2. recommendations based on your academic achievement and activities
    3. recommendations based on your non-academic achievement and activities
    4. closing/ final words of the recommendation
  3. Signature


Remember that, one page of recommendation letter should be enough.

Here’s an example:



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